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Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 114: Natalie's Kawai

I met my friend Natalie through Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association. I'll admit it: I'm old enough to be her (teen-aged) mother. But besides the fact that we both teach piano, we have many interests in common. We both enjoy scrapbooking and crafting; like me, she also played the clarinet in high school. Last year she invited me to perform with her at her spring piano recital; I provided the orchestral accompaniment for her Grieg piano concerto and played a two-piano piece with her, as well. She is an amazing young woman; I genuinely enjoy her company and am grateful for her friendship.

This year, she offered to accompany me in the Mozart piano concerto I have dreamed of performing since I was in college. In addition, we are playing some Bach duets on the clarinet and accompanying each other on the first two movements of a Saint-Saens clarinet sonata. We always have great fun together. Anyway, we got together for a rehearsal this morning and I had the good fortune to play her brand-new Kawai grand piano. What a treat! I hope that one day I will have a grand piano in my own studio. In the meantime, I will play Natalie's every chance I get.

Thanks, Natalie! :-)


Natalie said...

Thanks, Pam. You're so sweet!

Pam Asberry said...

Aw shucks, Natalie. So are you! :-)