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Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 121: BUNCO!

I just got home from girls' night out, this time playing Bunco with my pal Jennifer and a group of her friends. I enjoy playing cards and board games although I'm not really very good at either; strategic thinking isn't my strong suit. Fortunately, Bunco requires only the ability to throw three dice. That I can do with style and finesse.

Lucky for me, I am also a gifted eater, because before the games began there was dinner--salad and spinach stuffed shells and bread--and drinks and snacks with suggestive names.

Pink Panty Pulldowns.
Pink lemonade, Sprite and vodka.
Porn Corn.
Popcorn, melted white chocolate, and M&M's.
Use your imagination.
I had a lot of fun. I even scored a Bunco and got to wear the "Bunco Babe" for a while.

It was a proud moment.
Have you ever played Bunco? What are your favorite party games?


R.R. said...

You're a babe, for sure!

That is so funny - I have not seen that drink name in many years. I learned of it from a friend in the late 70s, by name, not by experience, mind you - her version had the addition of Golden Grain, or Everclear by it's other name. It is so cool you got to get out with friends - it looks like it was fun! Have a great weekend! RR

Julee J. Adams said...

Big fun! I haven't played cards or really any kind of party game in a very long time. I do get together with my local girl friends almost every Friday. It's our chance to decompress, laugh and eat some good food. I know a former co-worker loved her BUNCO group and it sounds like a good time. We need our friends, don't we? Enjoy!

Maria Geraci said...

Well, Pam, you know for sure that I'm a Bunco Babe :) Glad you had such a good time!

Pam Asberry said...

Yes, R.R., I suppose that Everclear could easily be substituted for the vodka, LOL!

Pam Asberry said...

Julee, there's nothing like a good girls night out to top off a long, hard week, that's for sure!

Pam Asberry said...

I told everybody about you, Maria; don't be surprised if you have some new fans from Atlanta now! :-)