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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 113: Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Egg Nog

My writer pal Bryonna Nobles is a foodie. So when she suggested I try Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Egg Nog, I knew I would be wise to listen. If you like egg nog, you will LOVE this. Thick and creamy with a touch of spice, this might just be the best egg nog on the market; it is so amazing it even has its own page on Facebook. Thanks, Bryonna, for the tip!

Day 112: Plenty Of Fish

I met a friend of a friend for coffee Friday night; we shared a few dating tales, and I found out that his dating site of preference is Plenty Of Fish. So I created a profile and spent some time casting my net there yesterday. It was exciting at first; I was deluged with emails and requests to chat. Unfortunately, after closer examination I realized there were only a couple of guys I thought I might actually be interested in getting to know better, so we exchanged contact information and then I deleted my profile.

After ten years of on-again, off-again online dating, I am officially over it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 111: Jewelry Sale

Although I have had an Etsy store for over a year now, tthis morning I set up a table at my favorite hair salon, Shenanigans, and tried selling my wares live and in the flesh. I love meeting new people and it was fun to be part of the the bustle of the shop and make a few sales in the process. I might even consider renting a booth at a craft show or two next year.

After the shop closed, I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to my favorite Creative Memories consultant's home for her holiday open house and card making workshop. I love playing with paper so this was right up my alley. Here is one of the cards I created.

Three dimensions! Texture!
I met some new folks, learned some new scrapbooking techniques, experimented with some great new tools, and ended the evening with 20 beautiful handmade cards to send to family and friends.

It has been a truly wonderful day, filled with new.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 110: Sonic Pumpkin Pie Milk Shake

En route to the post office to mail bracelets for Beading To Beat Autism, I couldn't resist stopping by Sonic Drive-In and sampling their new pumpkin pie milk shake. Rich, thick and creamy, flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg but not overly spicy, topped with whipped cream and pie crumbles, this milk shake is a decadent delight. As it clocks in at 710 calories, I was thankful that my 15yo was in the car to help me polish it off, but it really is worth every calorie. Recommended!

Day 109: Mountain View High School & Red Lobster

Last night, I stepped inside the doors of Mountain View High School for the very first time to hear one of my piano students perform in the orchestra's holiday concert.

These kids did a great job!
Then I met my eldest son and his girlfriend for dinner at Red Lobster. We tried one of their new menu items, Lobster Artichoke and Seafood Dip.

New music, new food. It was all good!