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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 88: Wilfred

A bad combination cold remedies chased by a new thyroid medication made me sick, sick, sick yesterday afternoon. By the time I finished teaching last night, I was limp as a dishrag and capable of nothing more than stretching out on the living room sofa with a pillow and my favorite blankie. So when Nathan asked me if I wanted to watch a "new" television show with him, I said yes. He shared a couple of episodes of Wilfred, an FX series. This video, created by the cast and producers of Wilfred, does a better job of explaining the plot than I ever could.

Caveat: the show is raunchy and raucous and there is rampant pot-smoking, so it isn't for everybody. But I found Wilfred to be funny and insightful, unique and refreshing. I hope Nathan will share some more episodes with me soon.

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